Tau Gamma Phi / Sigma

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History of Tau Gamma Phi

The Tau Gamma Phi was founded by six University of the Philippines students on October 4, 1968. They were Rodrigo Alolor Confessor, Roy Ordinario, Vedasto Marco Venida, Talek Hamias Pablo, Restituto Alfonso, and Romeo Fortes. They were all pursuing Law degrees in the prestigious University and as pre-law students, they were either taking AB Political Science or Ab History majors. As they have similar curriculums, the university admin placed them in block sections which paved the way for them to be become familiar with each other and become friends.

In their free times, they started hanging around at the steps of the University of the Philippines’ Gonzalez Hall which is the UP main library. In these steps, they frequently debated on the writings of great philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, Hipocrates, Descartes, and Plato. It was a good way to pass the time and at the same parlance a great way to sharpen their oratory and analytic skills in pursuing their degrees.

Till death do us part. Despotandum. Live and let Live. Ang Kapatirang Walang Iwanan. Ang Supremong Kapatiran. My Fraternity,The Supreme Fraternity, the Tau Gamma Phi.
Out of these folly debates and mock academic excercises, the idea of creating an new organization in the UP campus sprung to life. The initial objective was to form a society or a club similar to the UP Political Science Club where debates were their main line of endeavor. But during those times, the most prestigious form of organization was a fraternity. So it was decided by the founding fathers to establish a fraternal organization. After a tedious process of organizing from scratch ranging from researching on the concepts, doctrines, possible members, goals, and the legal name, the Tau Gamma Phi Constitution was submitted to the University of the Philippines Board of Regents for review. It should be noted that the University of the Philippines Administration required 15 charter members to form a university organization. As a consequence, the founders were always at the look out for the additonal 9 members to complete the requirements. Some prospects were interested, many were not, while others had a luke warm reception to the proposition as there were many vintage organizations in the UP Campus like the Beta Sigma, Upsilon Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Scintilla Juris (Pato) plus the multitude of student clubs and societies addressing the gamut of specific fields of interest. All were prestigious and doing well and why would you need another one in a crowded field.

Excellence – the Ideological Centerpiece
Being the best is an old doctirne that is as old as ancient civilization. We heard it from leaders like Alexander, Da Vinci, Newton, Churchill, Kennedy, Paul, Rick & Alan; and from your elders, business leaders, and teachers. In fact, the University of the Philippines’ Oblation’s message is total commitment in pursue of academic excellence. Probably all civic organizations that we know like the Kiwanis, the Lions Club, the Jaycees, the Rotary Club, Math Club, Glee Club, Girl Scouts, et al has some form of excellence in their documents. But none of them have Excellence as their sole doctrine.

This is where the filipino ingenuity of the TGP founding fathers come into play as they differentiated their new institution from the rest of the pack. The new organization’s ideological centerpiece is excellence in your chosen field of endeavor. This is the sole doctrine that was written in the submitted constitution to the UP Board of Regents. As other bodies have some sort of being the best in their constitutions, they have declared themselves as service, civic, or humanitarian entities. In contrast, the new fraternity of Confessor , Pablo, Ordinario, Fortes, and Alfonso is an Excellence Fraternity. It can do community services, give care to the needy. But nevertheless, it is primarily an Excellence Fraternity. Tau Gamma Phi aka the Triskelions Grand Fraternity stands for Excellence; clear and simple. On October 4, 1968 the UP Board of Regents approved the application and the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity was born.

A New Era and the Filipino Youth
From a historical point of view, the birth of Tau Gamma Phi is a dawn of an new era for fraternities in the Philippines as Tau Gamma Phi has written a new definition of a fraternity in the Philippines. Although it has some downs as nothing comes in perfect, it was good for the country as Tau Gamma Phi is one of the few organizations that have addressed the youth problem of the country. And the Tau Gamma Phi has risk their name to handle this complex problem whilst others have pretended these youth problems like drugs, single parent or no parent youth, out of school youth didn’t exist. Tau Gamma Phi, is one of the very very few who are in the front lines in dealing with this issues.

And there is nothing more precious than the youth of this country as the youth is the future of the Philippines. (according to Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero)

With regards to confronting the Youth problems, we would like to take this oppotunity to thank Triskelion Erwin Lagadi, Suzette Ranillo, and others in making the “Pinoy Super Kid” movie. It’s goal is to show moral values to our young filipino generations. It is a family oriented movie. I hope you support it.

Today, after 43 years of existence, Tau Gamma Phi can be found in almost all colleges and universities in the Philippines. It has also expanded to the neighborhood community chapters and has also found its way in the international stream. Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity chapters can be found in 31 different countries with 51 active chapters in it. Overall Tau Gammma Phi has around one million members. But the exact number is always an estimate as new Triskelions are created every day.

Aside from the school based and communnity based chapters and councils, alumni councils, international councils, sector councils, provincial and regional councils, Tau Gamma Phi has the following Orders for specialized groupings within the Fraternity. They are:

Orders of the Tau Gamma Phi:
Triskelion Order of Nursing (TON)
Triskelion Seafarer’s League (TRISEAL)
Triskelion Order of Educators (TOE)
The Order of Triskelion Engineers
The Triskelion Order of Business
Triskelion Order of Law (TOL)
The Triskelion Cyberspace Council
The Triskelion Information and Technology Organization (TITO)
Triskelion Order of Medicine (TOM)
Triskelion Law Officers Group (TRILEG)
Triskelion Response Organization
Triskelion Order of Public Administration
Triskelion Youth Movement (TYM)
TriskelionRadio Management
Triskelion Order of the Performing Arts
Triskelion Order of Call Center Professionals (TOCC)